I’m trying. I’m really, really trying.

I’ve gone through my Sunday morning routine today, made my coffee, checked my email then got all comfy to read everyone’s journals/blogs while I enjoyed my cup o’joe as I have done every Sunday morning since I started my journal. It seems to me, after my morning reading, that the shock is slowly starting to wear off a little from what has occured during the past week. I’ve read posts over at Jennifer’s, Rebecca’s, and Jimmy’s , just to name a few. Someone compared what we’re going through to the stages of grief. Why not? It makes sense. I had only started my AOL journal in August and I feel awful. A lot of these people that I had come to know and love had been putting their heart and soul into their journals for the last two years. How can they not be grieving?? When I first started my journal over there I had no idea what the Hell I was doing. Carly and Derek were the first two to offer their help to me which I had gladly accepted. Had it not been for them and everyone else in J-Land that offered me assistance, I would have probably never started a journal. All I had wanted was a place to show my photography and I got a whole lot more.
I know there are others who have stayed over at J-Land and I respect that. I still read their journals everyday. I’m not going to leave them. I need them just like I need everyone else who has moved over here. Heck, I’m the freshman here and I still have lot’s to learn from everyone!
There’s a lot I’m trying to learn with this new area. Adding links hasn’t been the easiest. I know where to go to do it, the Template, etc.; I suppose it’s a learning process. I want to add my photos but don’t know if you can make them larger or not; again, a learning process I suppose. I’m trying to get the hang of it all. Really, I promise. I had some things in my AOL journal that were special to me and I’m going to try to to post them here, as well as my pictures. One day at a time folks. One day at a time. Now go make a great day!


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