Meet my friend!

Hello all. Finally, after lots of harrassment on my part, my friend Jennifer has finally joined us here on bloglines. I’ve mentioned her in my blog here before and I’m mentioning her again. She’s a SAHM and has five, count ’em, FIVE kids! So if you had five kids wouldn’t this be the place to come to tell all about your crazy days as a mom of five kids?? She has a dry wit and great sense of humor and you see it in her posts. Most of them anyway! So let’s welcome her into the community and if you get a chance, drop by her place for a visit. She would gladly welcome any and all visitors!


4 Responses to “Meet my friend!”

  1. Stephaine Says:

    There aren’t many of us in the 5 kid club. I’m off to check her out and I’ll be back to read more of your’s.

  2. Laura Says:

    five kids club blogger checking in and have welcomed Jennifer

  3. jeni Says:

    you know….for having a blog thats “all about you”….this one was ALL ABOUT ME!!! lol!!

    love ya twinnie!!

    <-----is going to put on her tiara

  4. Gabreael Says:

    I wanted to let you know the 1st Edition of the Moved J-Landers are out. I have posted them in my sidebar along with directions on how to download them if you desire to add them to your links.


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