Just Yes or No Please.

I make a point that when I have to inquire about something when speaking to my husband to ask only closed-end questions. You know, where the answer can only be yes or no. I do not ask open-ended questions of my husband unless I want to hear a one hour dissertation on the topic of the question. I love my husband, truly, but my God can the man talk forever, almost like it’s a filibuster. I attribute this to the fact that 1), this is a genetic male trait, and 2), my husband has a mind of a genius. He cannot just answer a question plain and simple. His IQ is amazingly high. There is nothing he does not know. This is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that I send my sons to him for all those technical questions that I couldn’t begin to answer or historic dates that are locked into the recesses of his mind that I only memorized long enough to pass my high school history exams with. The bad thing is, my 9 yr. old is getting long winded on open answered questions now as well. He is well on his way to having an above average IQ and his teachers have told me this numerous times. Geez. There are two of them living under one roof with me now.

It could be my ADD that causes me to not have the patience or abilitly to sit still long enough to listen to my husbands long winded answers. I also tend to see things as black and white. I worked for the Sheriff Dept. for 8 yrs. before going to the Fire Dept. I think like a cop. There are no gray areas in my book. It’s black or white. My husband insists there are definitely gray areas. That subject itself has lead to many debates between us, enough so that we agree I will ask only close-ended questions to avoid any confusion. However, why can’t I get a simple yes or no when asking these questions?? Example:

Me: Did you get the mail?

Him: I thought you were. This was very obviously a close-ended question made for a simple YES or NO. I also get answers in the form of a question instead of yes or no.

Me: Did you get the mail?

Him: Weren’t you getting the mail? Okay. You see where I’m going with this?

Time is short and I just need the yes or no. The black or white. Plain and simple. My 9 yr. old is doing this as well. Tonight I made him hot chocolate and marshmallows that he drank, or should I say played with, at the kitchen table. I stopped him as he was walking through the living room from the kitchen.

Me: Austin, did you put your mug in the sink?

Him: The cup is still hot. Hel-lo. I feel my eyes roll and sigh in exasperation.

Me: Does that mean yes or no??

Him: Oh. No. I’ll go do it right now.

Yes, I’m anal rententive on this subject, no doubt. I know there are some of you out there who feel the same way even though you may never admit it (or you may, who knows), and I’m sure there are those of you who just shake your head and would love to get into the gray areas of this topic with me. All I know is it’s me and three bodys full of testosterone living in this house with me and I will probably never get a straight answer from any of them to save my life. Now I’m not saying that women are any better. I make a point to always answer yes or no if at all possible. However, I think there has been a time or two that when my husband has asked me a yes or no question that I may have possibly answered with the female favorite answer of , “Yes, but” or “No, but“. But I digress….we’ll save that discussion for another time.


5 Responses to “Just Yes or No Please.”

  1. Bedazzzled1 Says:

    OMG! I SO can understand this entry. I live in the land of gray most of the time, but geeeeeez. It’s not like I’m asking him what he thinks about a particular subject. When my questions can be answered with a yes, no, or other one-word reply, those are the questions he goes on and on talking in circles or throwing them back at me. (And btw, wouldn’t you know he lives in the land of black and white?)

    ::mailing you a massive supply of estrogen to sprinkle throughout your house to counteract that pesky testosterone::

  2. DesLily Says:

    LOL.. sorry for the laugh but as an outsider to what you wrote..it’s funny and sad at the same time..

    Imagine this if you will.. my X was just the opposite (not that he wasn’t intelligent)..

    “Hun, do you want chicken or hamburgers for dinner?”

    his response: “yes”…

    go figure! they make them in both worlds!! aggggggggggggggggggg

  3. jeni Says:

    so…..who got the mail?

    i hate when you leave me hanging like that. freak.

    xo, twin.

  4. Antique Mommy Says:

    Are we married to the same man?? Antique Daddy went to college on a debate scholarship, so I don’t stand a chance. Sometime I try to clear up confusion by asking, is this a discussion or a lecture, because I was just wondering…

  5. Tammy Says:

    I have the opposite problem! LOL He only wishes I would say yes or no to things.

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