See What Happens?

Today as I was driving Austin to school, I hear something pop, almost like a soda can sounds when you run over it. When I came to a stop, there was a weird buzzing noise coming from the front of my truck. It drove okay, but everytime I had to stop, I heard the buzzing and so did my son. Just as I drove in front of his school, we heard lots of metal stuff dropping from my truck. Needless to say, this freaked me out. I managed to pull the car over to the curb and Austin jumped out to see what I had lost. There were 3 or 4 small metal and plastic parts scattered about the street. I told him I would be fine and take care of it and to go ahead on into school. Once he was gone and most of the morning school traffic had passed, I ran out to the street to collect what once was mine. I immediately called Gordon and in a very panicked, high rate of speech and relayed to him what had happened. I described the pieces to him and he seemed to know what it was that had happened. He told me he would come right home and fix it. Well, right home is an hour drive, so I climbed back into my truck and picked up a magazine to read and settled in for a wait.

Forty five minutes later (no traffic!) Gordon pulls up. He gets out of the car carrying a small box. He has me pop the hood for him. I stayed in my spot and continued to read my magazine. Less than 10 minutes later he closed the hood and told me I was good to go. Apparently the belt tension pulley had broken apart and fallen off of my truck. By the way it had sounded when all those pieces had come off I had thought a chunk of my engine had come off! How typically female; I have no clue about cars. Thank God for husbands though who are mechanics!

Of course, I didn’t make it to work. I couldn’t call in and say my car broke down and I would be in tomorrow because that’s a no-no, so I had to lie and say I was sick. This is what I get for calling in on Tuesday and using a ‘family sick’ day so I could have one additional free day with the family. So you see what happens? I brought bad karma on myself. As my grandmother always says, What goes around, comes around. I’ll think next time before using a sick day when I’m not sick….maybe.


One Response to “See What Happens?”

  1. jeni Says:

    oh lord, you need a karma cleansing. lol!!

    btw….i’m tagging you. visit me to see….:)

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