Weekend Assignment #95: The Best Money You Ever Spent

John over at By The Way wants to know the answer to this question. I would have to say it would be my first camera and all cameras I have gotten since then. My first purchase of a ‘real’ camera was 14 years ago. It was a Canon Rebel, then from there I went to the Canon Elan. My first digital was an Olympus and then my Fuji and now my new Canon digital! I have always done photography in high school and tinkered around a little bit after that, but once I got that camera, I was a woman on a mission! I still have all the camera’s I’ve purchased since then and I still use them all at one time or another. No one is allowed to touch my cameras except for me. No one. My husband has gotten all the other cameras for me since the first one I purchased as birthday or Christmas gifts. They have been expensive, but he has always said he has no problem spending the money because he knows his money is being well spent. I coudn’t agree more!

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