Thirteen Things about ME!

1. I had 3 knee surgeries before the age of 23.

2. I had Osgood Slaughter’s Disease, one of the reasons for the knee surgeries.

3. One of the cause’s of OSD is growing too fast.

4. During the summer between 10th & 11th grade, I grew a whopping 3 inches.

5. I left the 10th grade 5’7″ and came back in the 11th grade 5’10”.

6. One of the other surgeries was due to injuries from cheerleading. (No comments please. The hardwood floors of a basketball court during pep rallies are not good for knees!)

7. The 3rd surgery was due to a ski injury. Needless to say, I never skied again.

8. I tried out for cheerleading in college. My kneecap decided it wanted to be to the back of my leg instead of the front. No college cheerleading for me.

9. My doctor said I was not allowed to do any sport activity of any kind ever again. I didn’t.

10. Guess what? I’m having knee trouble. Let’s put it this way: you would not want to be following me up a flight of stairs because the sound of grinding bone on bone would make you sick to your stomach. Really. Just ask my husband and kids.

11. Based on the creaky noises and the swelling, I’m sure there’s another surgery in my future. Maybe even a nice, new plastic knee cap.

12. Speaking of height, my husband is the first and only man I ever dated taller than me. I only dated latin men who were all shorter than me.

13. I still have a thing for latin men….especially Benjamin Bratt!

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