Thirteen Things about ME!

1. My grandmother who is still living (see previous post) has given me her wedding ring. My granddfather gave it to her in 1940 and now I get to wear it everyday.

2. I’m not one for lots of jewelry. I wear two rings, and diamond stud earrings. Maybe a watch. No necklaces ever.

3. After my brother passed, I got his watch. It doesn’t work and the band is broke. But it was his favorite and now it’s mine. Sometimes when I’m really missing him, I’ll take it out look at it. It makes me smile.

4. I’m an only child now. My brother was my only sibling. It feels weird being an only child after 33 years of having a sibling.

5. I still have my grandma and mom and I’m in my 40’s. When my kids are my age, they’ll have no grandparents or great-grandparents. I sure as heck hope me and their dad are still around!

6. My 6 yr. old tells me often that his “Unc”, my brother, comes in his room late at night and will sing to him and make him laugh. He says he’s really funny. I believe him.

7. Working for the Fire Dept, I was able to talk a man out of commiting suicide. His kids were with him at the time.

8. I’ve delivered a baby, as well. That was the best!

9. I worked right in the middle of the Riots after O.J.’s aquittal.

10. I got to wear a lovely kevlar bullet-proof vest while there.

11. There is a difference between a fire truck and fire engine.

12. I think everyone should be CPR certified. Everyone.

13. I worked at the scene of the 1986 air crash of Aeromexico flight 498 , something I will absolutely never forget. Ever. I was 24.

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