Thirteen Things that are random and probably boring

1. I took the day off today to clean my house. Uh, obviously that’s not what I’m doing right now.

2. I just drank a whole pot of coffee(Starbuck’s of course!). A 4-cup size coffee pot, that is.

3. My bladder is feeling the effects of all that coffee right now.

4. I was going to also have blood work done today but forgot and ate oatmeal this morning. It was a fasting blood test and I wasn’t supposed to eat or drink after midnight. Oops!

5. As I’m typing this I’m having to use those magnifying glasses you can buy at a store.

6. I have prescription eyeglasses, but I notice they’re good for seeing at a distance. I have to take them off to read.

7. After making fun of my husband because he had to get bifocals and I didn’t have to, I realize that I think I do need them now.

8. I will kill anyone that tells him. I’m not about to…not yet, anyway.

9. My 9 year old who was diagnosed with ADHD 2 years ago made the honor roll at school, all without taking any medication and thanks to his great teachers who have worked very hard to work with me on this.

10. My son doesn’t take medication but I do, for ADD. What a difference it has made!

11. My husband would like to thank the makers of my Adderall medication. His life got a little bit better because of it!

12. Now, if they just had a cure-all for PMS.

13. I think I’ll watch a DVD right now. I can clean my house later, right?!

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