Thirteen Things
that are randomly spilling from
my mind to my fingers to
my keyboard!
1. I’m actually sleepy right now and trying hard to stay awake to type this.
2. I’m actually tired and sleepy because I’m finally back on my ADD meds, so my mind is calm right now. Finally. (See previous TT).
3. All my best friends have left or are leaving me.
4. My friend since 3rd grade left me for a man and Alaska. So what if it was over 20 years ago?? She still left me! (Don’t worry. We’re still very good friends!)
5. My other friend Anna left me to go to Arizona. There was no way that her and her family could have afforded a small, 2 bedroom, 1 bath house here in Southern California for $550,000. For $150,000, they got a brand new house in Arizona that is triple the size the one they were looking at here.
6. Jenn, AKA my twin, is leaving my this Saturday for North Carolina. Another victim of overpriced housing here in California. It’s friggin’ criminal.
7. My other girlfriend and her kids just finally moved to Idaho where her husband has been living and working for the past 6 mos. so he could save money for them to by a house there.
8. If we could, we would leave this state in a heartbeat. However, my husband just had his 20 yr. anniversary with his company. He’s way too vested. We can’t go anywhere.
9. I’ve gone from seeing my girlfiends at least once a week with one yearly Las Vegas trip thrown in to not having seen or gone out with one in almost a year.
10. I miss my girlfriends, badly. We all need girlfriends.
11. We would love to go to Alaska (a dream vacation, by the way) to see my girlfriend, but for a family of 4 to fly there it would cost $2,753.20. Just to fly!
12. My kids don’t understand why all our friends are moving and why we aren’t moving, too.
13. Right at this moment, I do not like California very much.
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