I Did it and It Felt Great!

I know, the title lured you in, didn’t it?
I thought it would.
I did it.
And it felt good.
So you know what I did? Something I should have done a long time ago. Any wife or mother or person who is just plain fed up will understand this.
Maybe it was the full moon, maybe it was hormones or maybe I just went a little bit nuts. Whatever the reason, I sure enjoyed it.
For the past week I have been complaining about no one doing anything around here but me. I’m tired of picking up after everyone. I’m tired of doing the grocery shopping and laundry and making kids lunches. I’m overworked and way, way under-appreciated. I know you’ve been there ladies, at one time or another. Well, today was my breaking point. Not only did I go on strike for the day, I was completely selfish about it and only thought of myself. Begging, crying and yelling doesn’t ever work so why not think only of me today?
I didn’t do anything major, but what I did do was all about me. Here’s what I did:
1. I did only my laundry.
2. I watched my TiVo’d shows today and told the rest of the family they would have to wait to watch what they wanted. It was my day.
3. I made brownies. Yes, they were for everyone. However, I’ve always shared the bowl and spoon with the boys and hubbie. Not today. I sat there and enjoyed cleaning the spoon and bowl all by myself. This really freaked out the boys. Oh well.
4. I found two pair of my husband socks between the back of the couch and cushions. I told him earlier in the week that he’d better remove them and if he didn’t, they were going straight into the trash. Oh yes I did! They are now part of Consolidated Trash Company. I told hubby this. He was not happy.
5. I told the boys that if they want lunches for tomorrow, they were perfectly capable of making their own. They did it and weren’t happy about it. Oh well.
6. For dinner I made myself tomato, basil, garlic and olive oil over angel hair pasta for myself. Yep. Just me. I told the rest of them they were on their own.
7. I made myself two very wonderful apple martinis for dessert. Yep. Sure did! They were damned yummy, too.
8. I changed my desktop picture to a picture of Daniel Craig, the most recent 007. No, he’s not that great looking, but I was only looking below the neck ladies. I could bounce a quarter off of those abs! God, what I would give just to try. All I heard from the boys was “Eeewww Mom!”
9. Tonight I locked myself in the bathroom for an hour. A whole hour! I haven’t done that in years. I sat in the bathtub with lots of bubbles, (and one of those yummy martinis) and read a cheesy romance novel. A really good, sexy, cheesy romance novel. You know, the kind that really gets you in the mood? Thank goodness my husband went to bed early tonight. I couldn’t give in that easily. That would mean he wins. Can’t have that, now can I?
Sunday was all about me.
Tomorrow? I’ll read that book again.
Then hubby will definitely win.
(and me, too!)

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