Everything Old is New Again

Remember those wonderful Drive-in movies we went to as kids? We used to get in our P.J.’s, hop into the back of our station wagon and head out to our local drive-in, which, when I was a kid, there seemed to be one in every city! I loved going, especially on warm summer nights. My dad would back in the station wagon, open the tailgate and we would sit there, eating popcorn and watch a movie. Not always the whole movie because more often than not, we fell asleep.
They’re all gone now, the last being torn down in 1994. I’ve told my kids all about them and how fun they were and how I wished they would bring them back.
Well, it’s happened!
A drive-in, though a more modern one, has been opened at the Orange County Fairgrounds. It has all the same things like a snack-bar and playground. The only difference though, is the movie screen.
The screen is about just as big, if not bigger, than the original drive-in movie screens but this one is inflatable! It can be inflated/deflated in less than 10 minutes. A group of four investers in the OC were reminiscing about the old ‘drive-in days’ and came up with this idea. The reason they were able to do it is because it’s on the permanent grounds of the O.C. Fairgrounds and not utilizing prime property like the old ones did. How cool is that?! My kids are so excited to go and frankly, so am I. The biggest difference is the cost. Where it used to be you paid by the carload, this is per person, just like at a regular movie theater. But hey, I’m willing to pay the price to get a piece of the past back and share this with my kids. This is definitely going to add to our summer plans this year. Right now it’s just for the summer but from the success it’s already generating, they said they will more than likely do it year round. Ahh…something to look forward to for my summer evenings!


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