No Amount of Preparation Can Stop This

It doesn’t matter that every single firefighter in the state of California were told that their days off and vacations would be cancelled in the event of a fire once the Santa Ana winds blew back into town. It doesn’t matter that the governor has on stand-by eight C130’s on loan from the military. They don’t fly when it’s dark. This fire started at 3:30 a.m. and so far at 11:30, it’s already taken 27 homes and burning towards the ocean. Again.


Santa Ana winds are strange and creepy to me. They don’t show up subtly and build up to a strong wind. Nope, they swoop into town strong and hard. And you can always tell they’re coming before they actually get here because all traces of humidity disappear within a couple of hours of their arrival. Last night when I was getting ready to go out to dinner and was brushing my hair, the static electricity was out of control so I knew they were on their way. As we got in the car to leave I told hubby that I hope that there wouldn’t be any fires once the winds made their appearance. I mean, the state was prepared and waiting! But to quote Cpt. Mike Brown of L.A. Co. Fire Dept., “We’re now at the mercy of these winds”. Godspeed to those firefighters and may there be no loss of life this time.


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