Our Homemade Hospital

It started Saturday, breathing treatments every 4 hours, then down to every 3 hours and then down to every 2 hours during the night Saturday into Sunday. I called the doctor yesterday and thankfully the doctor’s exchange was able to reach him right away. The doctor called in a prescription for a steroid and told me to bring him in this morning, which I did. It wasn’t a good night last night and we were doing two treatments in a row to make his breathing a little easier because one just wasn’t cutting it. When the doctor saw him this morning and listened to him, he wanted to admit him to the hospital. Poor Owen freaked out and began sobbing hysterically, saying there was no way Santa would find him at the hospital. The only thing they could do at the hospital that I couldn’t do at home was give him his steroid via an I.V. We have oxygen, breathing machines and a pulse oximeter which tells me his oxygen levels. I told the doctor that I could set up a ‘hospital at home’ if needed to get through Christmas Eve and if necessary, I would admit him to the hospital on Christmas Day. He hated seeing Owen’s distress and he truly trusts me as we have been doing this for 8 years now. So, he agreed and said he would call me tomorrow morning to check on Owen and get his stats. So far, so good. We’re having to use the oxygen and that’s okay. I’d rather him be here than in the hospital. But, if I have to, I’ll admit him tomorrow. Here’s hoping. Have a good Christmas everyone!
Update (12/26): We managed to get through Christmas without a hospital visit. He’s still not well, but he’ll be staying home!

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