Back-to-School Surprises

 Yesterday was the first day of school in my neighborhood and even though my son has been going to this school for 2 years now, he still is a little anxious on the first day as I’m sure a lot of kids are.  On Monday when I read Jen Lemen’s post about writing notes of encouragement on the sidewalk heading to her daughter’s school, I immediately decided to do the same thing.  What a great idea!  

 On Tuesday evening my son and, I as well as my girlfriend and her son, headed to the school with chalk in tow.  We decided we would write encouraging notes on the walk way leading up to and in front of the school.  I don’t know who had more fun, the kids or the adults!  The boys came up with the idea of drawing arrows up the walk to the front gate and they did a great job.

No one was excluded, not even the teachers.

The next morning my son was no longer nervous about starting school.  He was excited about what we had done the night before and couldn’t wait to see it again.  As we walked into school, we noticed kids and parents alike stopping and taking a look at our ‘artwork’ and they all seemed pleased. 

So for now, the school year has started out on a good note for my son’s first day of 3rd grade and hopefully, with the help of our encouraging messages, for all the other students and teachers as well.  Thanks Jen for sharing your idea!


8 Responses to “Back-to-School Surprises”

  1. Tammy Says:

    What a great idea for everyone! I’ve read all of your posts and I gasped in horror at your ordeal. I’m so thankful it turned out ok, but how SCARY!


  2. jfrancis Says:

    in children’s intellect
    starts early
    stays late

    • Masahiro Says:

      This dirty politics crap dssiugts me! I like a lot of other certainly want to see a new board at that school. Lord knows it is needed.The letter that was in yesterdays mail does have a few errors first of all don’t tell ME who not to vote for. You can give me facts if you feel that is helpful, I can decide myself who to vote for. Second- principals do not have contracts- The devil herself oh I mean Carolyn Wilkovitch stressed Gaida out of the district- the sorry board just allowed her to harass the hell out of that poor man.Third- Don’t misrepresent your self by placing a return address that is not yours on the envelope.The biggest flaw of all in that letter is the lack of more info regarding how these people are impeding our childrens education and safety- lord knows that school is lacking. That info would have been much more effective.Those people who placed that flier in those church bulletins- God will get you, and Wilkovitch as well- he already has his eye on your demise anyway. You ought to change your evil ways.You people go to church, say your prayers, put your money in the collection plate and you will burn in hell anyway because you conduct yourselves like the devils advocate in every other aspect of your lives.I won’t be supporting this sort of behavior. None of you will have my vote. You have ALL stooped to a new low! Shame on all of you!Well-loved.

  3. Gina Says:

    What a great idea! Love it!

  4. patience Says:

    You guys are awesome….wasn’t it fun? and what a cutie you have there, that smile and the spikey hair, oh my!

  5. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    What a GREAT Idea! And that had to make all the kids feel so good about entering the school! It sounds like GREAT Fun, too!

    Thanks for the suggestion about
    I emailed to the address it gives for figuring out the names of birds and it came back twice! So, I have no idea what the problem is…But I am not sure how to proceed now. But thanks so much for the suggestion and the Link!

  6. david Says:

    total coolness
    for your
    back to schoolness

  7. Dele Says:

    I believe they can. But you would need to get all the rneeirqmuets before you could teach and it also depends if you want to teach at a Catholic/Public/Private school! I’m not sure if you need to take any courses? I would look into it now for next school year!

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