The Occupants.


While my husband went to his employer’s credit union which is located, quite literally, next door to L.A.’s Union Station, I headed inside to the main terminal and took a seat amongst the crowd.  While not quite as elaborate as New York’s Grand Central Station, Union Station in Los Angeles is an architectural dream.  Having my camera with me (What? Did you think I wouldn’t?!) I took a seat amongst the crowd, sitting back to admire the art-deco beauty.  As I looked around, I noticed one set of chairs and the people sitting in it.  I loved the way  that the shaft of light coming from the nearby open door fell across the people in these chairs so I started taking their pictures.  Over the course of an hour or so, different people came and went from this set of chairs.  I quickly would lift my camera and being as inconspicuous as possible, I took their pictures.  One man in particular caught my attention.


He walked in and sat down and I thought perhaps he was waiting for someone.  I sat there with my camera transfixed, waiting for him to catch me taking his picture, but he never moved or turned my way.  He sat very still, legs together and stared straight ahead, as if watching for someone.  I took picture after picture, wanting so badly to know his story.  After about 15 minutes, he very slowly rose and left through the open door to his left and headed outside.  I jumped up and watched him walk away very slowly through the garden walkway outside.  I had the strangest desire to go after him, but of course, I didn’t.  I watched him until I could no longer see him then I turned away, sitting back down.  I knew that his was the last picture I was going to take for the day and it seemed fitting that it was.  We have to go back again in a week so who knows? Maybe I’ll see him again. 


7 Responses to “The Occupants.”

  1. Jason Tucker Says:

    Great job on the shots, love hearing the stories behind them.

  2. jfrancis Says:

    The stories of life
    catch our attention
    and in silent diction
    speak to our mind___
    then slowly move away
    from the warmth
    in our heart.

  3. Aimee Greeblemonkey Says:

    I ADORE that last shot.

  4. jeroldssis Says:

    Me too, Aimee. Something about that little man gets me.

  5. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    I LOVE these pictures, Chris….I understand absolutely, why you would want to know his story….! Thoss chairs remind me of the chairs that were in the first Academy Theatre on Melrose where the Academy Building was years and years ago….!
    I agree with you that Union Station is a GORGEOUS Building….! And these chairs alone, say so much about the Building and it’s many beautiful areas…..!

    Thank you for The New Years wishes, my dear…..I do not make resolutions, ever! LOL! It has never worked for me so I just let life take me where it is going to take me….! If a “book” is supposed to happen…I think it will….!
    A VERY VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS, MY DEAR CHRIS…..! Enjoy the Sunset up at Griffith Observatory….!

  6. tracey Says:

    wow. those are stunning shots!!
    happy new year my friend!

  7. Kellyology Says:

    I stopped by over from Greeblemonkey’s to tell you I loved your shot. Really like it. Something so interesting in that man and in your photograph.

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