Everyone is Beautiful


When my 8 yr. old son came home from school and told me about how mean ‘so-and-so’ is and how he ‘doesn’t like him anymore and he’s ugly’, I explained to him that no one is born mean or ugly.  I explained that if a person, especially a child, is being mean, it’s because maybe that’s how he’s treated by others or maybe that child is sad or unhappy about something and his way of dealing with it is being mean to everyone else.  Sometimes being mean makes that person seem ugly I explained, but really, everyone is beautiful on the inside.  It just needs to come fom the inside out for us to see it.  And as an adult, I think that holds true for everyone, no matter their age or how they look.  Beauty is in everyone.

How perfect  then, that this month’s word for Shutter Sisters  The One Word Project is ‘beautiful’.  The inspiration for this month’s word is Katherine Center’s book Everyone is Beautiful.   A review from The Mommy Blog says, “For any mom who has ever found herself on day two of going shower-less; who has ever accidentally flashed her nursing bra in public; who has ever wondered for a second too long why the kids were so quiet, and found them swimming in shaving cream in the bathtub; who has ever wondered how many years until the kids stay quiet long enough for her to have a real and meaningful conversation with her husband; who has ever wondered if that husband and you can ever even look at each other with passion again, this one is for you.”
– The Mommy Blog

So, if you’ve never really been one to pick up a camera, isn’t now a great time to start?  You don’t need to be a professional to do it.  Take a picture of what’s beautiful to you and show us. Everyone over at Shutter Sisters would love to see it.  Don’t want to show everyone?  Show me.  I have no doubt I’ll find it as beautiful as you.  To give you a little inspiration, I dedicate this short video to you, my beautiful friends and blog readers.  You know who you are.  Have a beautiful day everyone.



5 Responses to “Everyone is Beautiful”

  1. J. Says:

    So very true! I’ve had similar conversations with my daughter.
    And you, my friend, are BEAUTIFUL!
    Thank you for your kind words always.

    PS – Have I told you how happy I am that I can comment here? LOL …

  2. david, tree house man Says:

    and THAT was beautiful.
    such truth, so simply said
    Love equates beauty to the object of its devotion.

  3. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    Well, this is a very sweet idea…! As you know, I am constantly posting things that are Beautiful to me…So, I cannot pick out ONE thing…..All the Flowers and Birds, And Plants, etc., etc….ARE ALL INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL To Me….so….there we are.

    We should try to make a date for later on in the Spring, my dear….I’m not sure I want any pictures of me taken…I’m just too fat these days….lol!

  4. OldOldLady Of The Hills Says:

    I forgot to say…I am unable to see this Video….I have no idea why. But I can see things on YouTube!

  5. Katherine Says:

    Hooray! Thank you for posting about my book and the Shutter Sisters’ contest!! And putting up the video. Oh, how I love the video! It came together so slowly, but it still surprises and moves me every time I watch it!

    I’m not coming to L.A. this time around. I actually went when my last book came out and gave a reading at Dutton’s in Brentwood (where I bumped into Ben Affleck!), so I think the idea is to send me someplace new this time. But I know many, many awesome people in L.A., so maybe next year!

    Thanks again so much for this lovely post on your lovely blog!!! I completely agree with you: Beauty is in everyone!

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