Best Shot Monday


Last week, while over at the home of Sami,  a girl my son has known since preschool,  my son made me this bracelet.  We actually got the bead making kit for Sami’s birthday and he’s been wanting to make something from it since we got it for her.  My son loves to create things be it with paint, chalk, clay or anything he can use to create with.  He doesn’t think it’s fair that they don’t make ‘Boy’ bead making kits, so when Sami let him make one using her kit, he was more than ready. 

When I arrived at Sami’s house to pick my son up, he was so excited to give me this bracelet. “Put it on! Look! It says MOM!”.  I wasn’t about to tell him MOM was spelled wrong because quite frankly, I don’t care.  All that mattered was seeing how happy and proud he was of his creation and right now, I’m wearing it proudly.  Everytime I look at it, I can’t help but smile, and that’s a good thing. 

What’s your Best Shot Monday today?


6 Responses to “Best Shot Monday”

  1. NTE Says:

    I hate that something as non-gender specific as Crafts only comes in ‘girly’ packages – all kids love to create things, and we shouldn’t make it so that they can’t.

    But I’m loving this bracelet, it comes straight from the heart, for sure.

  2. J. Says:

    I love that he put the M upside down.
    What a keepsake!

  3. Jen Tucker Says:

    Mow! Too cute.

  4. MelodyA. Says:

    Aw it’s just precious. And the little quirks in the crafts just make it more special.

  5. Amy Jo Says:

    That’s so sweet, and a great shot. I love the processing!

  6. Melissa G Says:

    Love it! Great shot, and even better story.

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