Love Wins. Even When I Don’t Want It To.

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I don’t like it when people I care about are hurt by others.  I’m not talking physically(though that’s not good, either).  I’m talking about the kind of hurt that is brought on by the actions of others.  Today, my friend was wrongly treated by a person who had no idea what they were talking about.  To add insult to injury, insults were hurled at my friend in front of about 20 kids, one of them being her own.  My friend, being the bigger person, would not and did not argue with this person in front of those children, no matter what.  To make matters worse, the children were upset by what they had witnessed this person doing to my friend.  I’m sorry, but that’s just unacceptable.  Never, ever, involve children, especially when they’re not YOUR children.

Of course, when I heard about this, I wanted to hunt this person down and cause bodily injury.  Really, I did.  I had a few choice things I wanted to say to this person and had the whole speech planned out in my head.  Unfortunately, this person was gone before I could get the chance, but tomorrow morning, I will see this person and tomorrow, this person would be all mine.   The minute my husband got home from work, I gave him the blow-by-blow of what had occured today and how angry I was at this person for unfairly and wrongly hurting my friend.  After I finally stopped ranting long enough to take a breath, my husband just gave me that look.  You know, that look.  The one that says TONS without him uttering a single word. 

“I know you”, he said, shaking his head.

“This person needs to be dealt with!”, I argued.

“It’s not your fight.  You’ll only make it worse”, he said in that voice that sounds full of infinite wisdom but really isn’t.  Okay, well maybe a little.  But still…!

“Fine.  I’ll keep my mouth shut.  But so help me if this person says anything, I’m all over it!”, I touted, like I’m the biggest, baddest chick around.  And really? In my imaginary world that exists in my head? People, I am SO the biggest, baddest chick around.  Really.  Just ask the inhabitants of that world and they’ll tell you so.

I planned to sit down tonight and blog about this person and how horrible this person is and how no one messes with my friends because I’ll chick fight you to the death. 

Then I got sidetracked. I read a few blogs I subscribed to, one being This is Reverb.  This blog is written by Pastor Ryan.  Pastor Ryan is not your average pastor, people.  Seriously.  He’s young, hip and loves to cook, so much so that he got a trip out to Ree Drummond’s lodge!  You know who Ree Drummond is, right? The Pioneer Woman, the one who I’ve been stalking following for forever and trying to get my own invite out there?  Add to this his awesome photography skills and you have one interesting, cool blog to read and look at.  So I did and he just sucked the air right out of my ‘anger balloon’.  Just friggin’ great.  He talked about things he’s been observing/learning/reflecting on and made a list of some of them, and yes, I read the list.  Again, bad move.  Not only was my balloon empty, it had been torn to shreds.  Why, you ask? Because this is a few of the things that got me, right in the gut:

*Everyone you lock eyes with has something serious going on somewhere in their lives.

*Giving people the benefit of the doubt is difficult, but necessary.

*Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry

*Stop and pray for that person right now, don’t wait until later when you might do it.

Look, I know he’s right, but I don’t have to like it.  And I don’t have to like the person who caused so much crap today but I will pray for that person, except not right now.  Sorry Ryan.  I”ll do it after I’m done here, I promise.   And yes, love wins, everytime. 

My friend that was so hurt is doing just fine thanks to her awesome friends, one of them being me (Yes me because the people of my imaginary world in my head said so. So there.)  She will continue to be the bigger person and I guess, so will I. 

But damn, I really did want to chick fight!  Oh well…another time, I guess.


4 Responses to “Love Wins. Even When I Don’t Want It To.”

  1. Flora Chavez Says:

    I loved this…I have felt exactly this same way before and yes, thought better of it ONLY because I had a time delay like you. If I had been there at the time…I probably would have reacted and maybe made things worse. It’s hard to reign in your instictual feelings and ultimately give in to your sanity. I know the need to protect those you love can be over the top….but sometimes we do need to just take a step back and “be the bigger person” as you said. I’m sure (well, let’s hope) the person who did the attacking feels like crap and has trouble looking at themself in the mirror this morning…
    Nice commentary…

  2. Jen Tucker Says:

    I ran into the victim last night at the grocery store. While she was upset about the whole thing, she was still smiling. Nothing will ever bring her totally down. I gave her a new way to describe what happened, told her she could use it, and we parted with big smiles on our faces.

    That friend, she’s a tough one. She knows that anyone who matters to her at all knows the truth and will not be swayed by the attackers actions/words.

  3. david, tree house man Says:

    hahahaha, such a good post, and yes I do know Ryan from Pioneer woman. I even used one of his famous recipe’s. and yes I know all about the fighting in the head ( it is so delicious) the only thing that is better ( or was once) is when the person you are planning to flatten in your head steps in front of your headlights on an empty street late at night. I didin’t tell you about that? Oh
    ps. girls can be vicious

  4. Sandra Says:

    wow…..i love this post and i know exactly how you feel! life has been like this to one degree or another, all around me lately. like you, in my head, i’m the baddest one around and i want to fix things, but i love that love wins in the end….even when it isn’t deserved.

    i didn’t realize pastor ryan had a blog….now i’m off to check it out! thanks for the link! btw, this is my first visit here… your blog!

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