What ‘Beautiful’ is to Me.

It’s been a year since Christian and Stephanie Nielson’s plane crash. 

It’s been a tough but also blessed years for the Nielsons.  They were both burned in the accident and Nienie was burned over 80% of her body.  Technically, she shouldn’t be alive, but she most definitely is.

Last Friday, in honor of the 1 yr. anniversary of the accident, she and many of her friends and family hiked 1.2 miles up Y Mountain, no easy feat for anyone let alone someone recovering from burns to over 80% of her body.  That is beautiful to me.

Once Nienie came home from the hospital, she was worried how her kids would react to how she now looks and she has admitted that there were days that she mourned the loss of the how she used to look.  In one blog post she states:

Even though I feel down about my looks here and there, I still feel it. The God-like beauty is there and a plane crash can’t take that away.

For a year, she never posted any pictures of herself on her blog and I can understand her hesitation, but in honor of her year anniversary, I guess she’s decided it was time.

Stephanie Nielson is absolutey beautiful.

Nienie is what beautiful is to me.  Not because of what she does or does not look like.  It’s because of who she is.  Her beauty radiates from the inside out.  What a gift she is to all that know and love her.  What a gift her stories and words have been to me.

And that, my friends, is a beautiful thing.


2 Responses to “What ‘Beautiful’ is to Me.”

  1. Natalie Says:

    What an inspirational story. I;m checking out her blog and I am truly touched.

    (to answer your question about the cream cheese loafs on my blog, nope I couldn’t taste the banana whatsover. I mainly used it to add some natural sugars and help keep it moist. The jam I used was also very tart and really stood out.)

  2. caren Says:

    Wow…that was a lovely tribute to Stephanie and her family. I’ve been following her blog for the past 6 months. One can not come close to feeling her pain but definitely share her triumphs as she fights her battle. A truly beautiful person. Thank you for sharing.

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