What Makes Me Happy


1)  The Butterfly that landed on this flower just as I was getting  ready to take a picture.  Such a lovely surprise.

2)  Fresh mountain air and the smell of pine trees.

3)  The very nice person that took the time to answer my son’s one million questions all about him and his horse, Lily Belle. 

4)  Yummy carne asada tacos.

5)  When my husband reaches out and squeezes my hand telling me, “I just love our family”.  Be still my heart…

6)  When my 13 yr. old son tells me he gave his friend, who’s family is going through a rough time right now, the $3 in his pocket because, as he said, ‘he needed it more than me and it was the right thing to do’. 

7)  Having the house all to myself and playing the Black Eyed Peas’ I Got A Feeling REALLY LOUDLY and putting it on repeat mode.

8)  When my 9 yr. old son reaches out and takes my hand as we’re walking and gives it 3 squeezes, our code for “I love you”.

9) The look on my 90 yr. old grandma’s face when she holds my 5 month old niece. 

10)  My grandma, period.


What makes you happy? Do share.


9 Responses to “What Makes Me Happy”

  1. Heather Says:

    What a splendid photo! The list is just lovely. Happy for me these days is the coming of Fall, my most favorite time of the year. I’m sneaking off to go apple picking with just my oldest and finally making time for one on one things w/ kids is a very happy thing.

  2. melody is slurping life Says:

    At this moment…happy that you reminded me of that song…got it booming right now!

    Ok if I post a 10 list and link back to you? Love your sunday ritual with these posts.

  3. Tanya Says:

    what a wonderful idea…I need to make a list of what makes me happy.
    lovely shot…just vivid colors and stillness

  4. Puna Says:

    So nice!

  5. killlashandra Says:

    What wonderful words of happiness to go along with your butterfly. 🙂

  6. Amy Jo Says:

    I love those moments, serendipitous or not, that just make you smile. Lovely photo!

  7. Cara Says:

    When my 3 year old asks me, “Mommy, you my friend?”
    I say “yes” and his whole face lights up and he give me a big hug and a kiss. I never get tired of it.

    Those taco would also do it (LOL)

    Great photo

  8. sylvanstyle Says:

    Beautiful photo; lovely list. I’m glad I found them via Best Shot Monday!

  9. david, tree house man Says:

    getting a nice note from a friend (wink)

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