Things That Make Me Happy

1.  Thinking of my brother, who passed away 11 years ago tomorrow, always makes me smile.  I found out 2 weeks after my brother passed that I was pregnant and I swear, my brother came back in my son.  They are uncannily just alike.  He can irritate me just like my brother did, too, but in a good way.

2.  Spring Break and camping at the beach!

3.  Spring, period.

4.  Spring means new flip flops!

5.  Team-up Thursday.  Every Thursday, a theme is given.  Two people take a photo representing that theme and then put their photos together and post them. I really want to do this!

6.  This book.  Wanted it, ordered it, waiting for it.  Yay! 

7.  Tracey Clark’s  I Am Enough” collaborative, a journey to self-kindness.  Some pretty great people are involved in this.  Check it out for yourself.

8.  And finally, this darling photo.  Guaranteed to make you smile, I promise. 

Go make a great day, everyone!

(Any photo buff interested in teaming up with me for Team-up Thursday? Email me!


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