Ding Dong Gift ’em!

Ding Dong Gift 'em!

My sons just love my girlfriend’s dad, affectionately known as “Papa”.  He’s the sweetest man with the best Scottish accent ever.  My boys never knew their grandpas as they had both passed before they were born, so they tell me all the time that Papa is the grandpa they never had.

My 10 year old and I had ran into Papa at the store a couple of days ago and had a nice chat with him.  When we left the store my son said he wanted to make brownies for him and do a “Ding Dong Gift ’em”.  We came across a post over at Kindness Girl  about doing just this and have been wanting to do it ever since, so this was the perfect opportunity.  While the brownies were baking, my son went through all my printed cards I keep in a basket on the desk and picked the perfect one.  Once the brownies were done, we drove over to Papa’s neighborhood and parked the car a couple of houses down from his.  Very quietly we snuck up to his door, set the brownies down, knocked loudy and ran like crazy back to our car.  We giggled as we drove home, very pleased with our mission.  Being kind is so fun!

Want to give it a whirl? Take a look at this sweet video from Patience (AKA Kindness Girl) for some inspiration.  You can find the card we used (and a lot more!) over at Kind Over Matter.  Print some up for yourself.  I promise, you’ll have fun, too.  😉 


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