What I Know to be True.


It’s been 3 months since I’ve blogged and I’ve missed my blog terribly. 

Life will always get in the way when we don’t want it to, and that’s okay.

Suicide is and has never been the answer.  Ever.

Friends, real friends, will love you no matter what. 

Bad things happen to good people.  That will never change, but we will survive.

Cancer sucks…really, really sucks.

Even when we’re suffering and hurting and our hearts are breaking wide open in what seems like insurmountable pain,  and trust me, I’m witnessing that right now, it will never let you down.  Love and goodness will always find it’s way back to your heart.  Just hold on, it will get there.  I promise.

People are inherently good.  I believe people want to connect and help and give love when there is a need, even if they do not know you and that is such a beautiful thing.

People, as a whole, need eachother.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, just wants to be seen and heard and know that what they say matters.  Everyone wants to be valued, from the smallest child to the oldest person you know. 

I truly believe you get what you give, be it the energy you put out to the world or to the smile you give to someone passing you by on the street, so always take the responsibility for the energy you bring to a person or space.

Everyone has something to give or to share or to teach.  We all bring our own medicine to this world in one way or another, even you.  

Life, in the good times and the bad, will always speak to you.  You just need to listen….and to love. 






2 Responses to “What I Know to be True.”

  1. Tammy Lee Bradley Says:

    Welcome back. You were missed. xo tammy lee

  2. Robin Says:

    Just a friendly reminder to all those who read this “you matter” and “you are loved”.

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