Since returning from Camp Shutter Sisters nearly 3 weeks ago, I’ve been feeling very introspective.  It’s hard to put into words just what those four days did for me.  Yes, I love, live and breathe photography, but to be in the company of 70 other women that feel exactly the same way?  It’s pretty darned powerful.  And awesome.  And inspiring.  But more than anything, I am grateful. 

 Honestly, how else would I have even had the opportunity to finally meet Kim Klassen?  We clicked right away and now that she’s back in Canada and I’m back in the U.S., Skype has become our best friend!  Since being back, she’s dreaming big dreams which is exactly how it should be.  Have you seen how she makes her textures for Photoshop?!  Amazing talent, this woman.  

If not for Camp, I would have never met  Xanthe Berkeley who came all the way from across the pond to be with us!  Oh my, how she can make me laugh!  From her Bench Monday antics to her admitted addiction to Instagram which makes me giggle everytime I watch her little video to her and Kim Klassen’s first trip to ‘Tah-get’.  I am enamored….and I’ll never look at ‘Tah-get’ quite the same way again.  😉

Had it not been for Camp Shutter Sisters, I would have never met Kristin Zechinelli.  The woman who lay down right there on the beach to get this great jump shot. The woman who wandered off to explore the beach alone only to be surrounded by a bunch of the ladies from camp (myself included) who asked to photograph her.  Have you ever had a bunch of cameras in your face at once?  It has to be disconcerting to say the least, but she handled it all with such grace.  But that’s Kristin, Kristin with the HUGE heart and giving nature.   

And there were more great woman as well, like Paige Balcer, Meredith Winn, Alessandra Cave and Tammy Lee Bradley.  All of them beautiful, funny, talented, loving, giving women.  And what do all these woman mentioned here today have in common that I got to meet for the first time, face-to-face?  They are just a few my wonderful Shutter Sisters.  What a gift, and for that, I am grateful.  😉



10 Responses to “Grateful”

  1. Kim Klassen Says:

    blubbering fool here… you said this so perfectly Chris…. I love you .. miss you tons…..and i am so thankful to know you ….and all the fabulous sisters!!
    We have all been completely blessed to share this experience….

    Wow, what a gift……
    I can’t wait til we all meet again!!

    in the meantime…. thank you skype. 🙂

    xxo, Kim

  2. Kim Klassen Says:

    your photo is BEYOND…. 🙂

    just sayin’……

  3. Kristina Says:

    What a wonderful post…..I miss my tribe……….

  4. jeroldssis Says:

    Kristina, I do, too.

  5. xanthe berkeley Says:

    awwww this is so sweet, thank you! you made me laugh so much too, I’ll never forget that last evening 🙂 I’m so glad we all got to hang out together x.

  6. david Says:

    skype can save the day when loved ones are away. so glad to keep up with my Hannah in Germany, she is changing so fast! glad you ladies had a wonderful time.

  7. mdphotographers Says:

    This is a very beautiful photo!!! I am actually listening to a podcast called The Photography Podcast and Scott was interviewing one of your Shutter Sisters Kristin Zecchinelli which led me to your blog. So happy that I listened today or I may not have see this photograph! Thanks for sharing..

  8. yshua Says:

    I am asking God to direct us, and me toward my life’s mission, whatever He may desire.

    “Lord equip us for the next step and supply all that will be needed to be effective for you. I surrender my own wishes, hopes and dreams to your will and your plan. Give us more of your heart for people, and out of that help me to pray with power, and to do the greater works that you foretold.

    Let all signs that accompany my testimony point only and always to You, my great God and true savior. Pour out, in greater measure, your spirit and power on the lives of these my friends and family,
    So that your name may be known and your salvation realized through all the earth, Amen”

  9. Renchick Says:

    I just discovered Shutter Sisters, and have systematically visiting each of the contributors blogs. I look forward to learning from you all!! Incidentally, I visited Kim’s page just prior to yours, and am considering one or two of her courses, so it was nice to see your gushes about her talent 🙂

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